The Owners:

Water Orton Travel first opened its doors to the Public in 1989. It was owned and run buy husband and wife Andy & Debbie McNamara. 

Debbie McNamara

After 10 years of working in the travel industry and gaining experience from her long term job at Pickfords Travel, where she quickly became Manager, Debbie eventually decided it was time to start her own business and in 1989 Water Orton Travel was born!

Andy McNamara

With absolutley no experience in the travel industry, in typical Andy style he quickly learned the ropes and was at his desk booking holidays in no time! After spending more time at the agency than his own job he and Debbie soon decided that his business skills and brilliant sense of humour would be put to better use if he stuck around... so thats whats he did! 

Moving Away

In 2001 Debbie and Andy moved to North Wales leaving the travel agency in capable hands to embark on a new adventure to run a hotel with their young children Charlie & Connor. 

Sadly, in 2013 Andy was diagnosed with a short ilness and unfortnatley passed away on the 12th October. 


Debbie and her children Charlie & Connor still run their hotel in Llandudno, North Wales as well as still owning Water Orton Travel as a Family.

Charlie & Connor are both involved in the running of the Travel Agency and hope to keep the business in the Family for many years to come. 

Debbie is now a Grandma to Charlie's daughter Ava-Leigh who was born in 2014!


For information about our Hotel in Llandudno please click on the link below: 


Janet Claridge - Manager

Vicki Burden - Assistant Manager

Cheryl Bullimore - Holiday Advisor

Janet Bishop - Holiday Advisor